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Effective leadership is a key component to any organizational success and a requirement of the ISO based systems. But what does it mean to lead effectively? At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West (The Center-West), we offer a variety of unique User Groups and extensive trainings to help you learn, understand and implement the keys to effective leadership and objectively assess your own leadership strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your team. 



Does your company need a leadership transformation? This training program has four core areas of focus that can be delivered individually, but are recommended together to achieve the greatest positive impact. Ongoing consulting and coaching provides support for your organization to sustain and grow the gains achieved during the Lean transformation process.

The Master Supervisor Leadership training program is the most comprehensive and valuable training available for supervisors and organizations. Participants gain a practical understanding of how to be a more effective supervisor and lead people to improved organizational performance. 

The recent crises have been a pressure test for leadership and culture as new values and perceptions form. Highly effective leaders that recognize and address these changes within their organizations, and adapt their culture accordingly, will see improvements in employee engagement, retention, productivity and innovation.

Provide employees with Six Sigma training, a comprehensive leadership program that equips them with logical, objective methods to identify, measure, and eliminate sudden or ongoing problems. 



Considering the adoption of automation or advanced manufacturing technology to improve the performance of your operations, increase capacity, or enhance quality? The Automation Roundtable User Group allows for open discussions around automation topics and the sharing of experiences and expertise.

Designed for managers and leaders working to improve their performance management systems. This user group will initially assist participants to get a quick start by providing an overview of continuous improvement-focused, simple and sustainable management systems. 

In 2018, ISO certified manufacturers were required to transition to ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 industry standards.  These standards support improving your “Top and Bottom Line” performance. This user group aims to maximize the ROI benefits from the Quality Standards ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

Through shared learning with companies facing similar challenges, user group members develop and implement strategies for improved decision making and process improvement.

Focus on understanding the principles/concepts of Improvement & Coaching for Kata and TWI Job Methods, to learning how to implement these methods.

Participate in lectures, tours and open discussion on topics such as continuous improvement methods, quality systems requirements, leadership, team building, performance metrics, supply chain management, best practices and technology.

Results-focused user group developed for sales teams in organizations wishing to grow and retain sales. Identify new customers and sales opportunities, and retain sales while maximizing profits. 

Develop a practical understanding of how to be a more effective supervisor and lead people towards improved organizational performance. Document improvements throughout the course of this user group utilizing performance metrics established at the start.

User Groups
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