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The Shop Floor Lean User Group provides the tools supervisors and lead people utilize to develop strategies and address issues in their work environment. Through shared learning with companies facing similar challenges, members develop and implement strategies for improved decision making and process improvement.​

COST: $1,650/participant (required minimum of 2 people per company. A 20% discount is given for additional participants beyond the required minimum)

DURATION: 10 sessions, 4-hours each, held every 4 weeks


  • Explore how to establish a lean culture that drives daily continuous improvement.

  • Establish an improvement strategy using lean tools such as policy deployment and VSMs.

  • Learn how to create scoreboards, storyboards and other forms of visual communications.

  • Initiate project improvement and run experiments between group members.

  • Share best practices, information and compare ideas with other companies.

  • Build a network of relationships that last beyond the user group experience.


  • Bring project plans, maps, and/or improvement examples to each meeting

  • Complete homework assignments

  • Each member company shall host at least one meeting and provide a plant tour

  • Member will attend all meetings and report out results at each meeting - holding members accountable both to the group and their own company

  • Members will be committed to sharing successes and areas of improvement aligned with The Center-West impact metrics

Shop Floor Lean User Group

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