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Automation Roundtable User Group

Is your company considering using automation or advanced manufacturing technology to improve the performance of your operations, increase capacity, or improve the quality of its products?

The Automation Roundtable User Group from The Center-West is designed to explore the most important aspects and details of successfully implementing and sustain automation and advanced manufacturing technologies. Engage in open discussion on automation topics, share experiences, and develop a local network among other participants. 

COST: $1,300/company (member companies allowed two participants per session)

DURATION: 10 sessions, 2-hours each, held every 4-6 weeks


  • The decision to automation - Financial, Quality, Capacity - what is best for you?

  • What should your Scope of Work include for success?

  • What resources does it take to support automation in a production environment

  • How do you attract and retain these critical resources?

  • Basics automation design specifications

  • Automation software and controls

  • Automation hardware

  • Automation suppliers 

  • What are the barriers that are limiting your from automating?


  • Members shall be committed to sharing successes and areas of improvement

  • Each member must be willing to host meetings, including plant tours. The group will agree on a schedule at the beginning of the season with some flexibility for unexpected situations

  • Regular attendance is encouraged by at least one company representative to obtain full value of user group 

Manufacturers interested in exploring automation, manufacturers with some automation experience, and other interested parties wishing to expand their knowledge of automation in West Michigan. 

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