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High-Level Leadership Development
Listen, Adapt, Learn

The world has gone through significant upheaval and change. Not only is the economy radically reshaping, so too are the social, cultural, and individual expectations of everyone and every organization. We all collectively experienced the same recent shocks, but depending on our circumstances, we may have experienced them differently. 

The recent crises have been a pressure-test for leadership and culture as new values and perceptions form. As a leader, you may be communication with your employees now more than every before, but it's likely this is one-way communication to keep employees abreast of changes. While this is necessary, ignoring the reality that employees are forming new personal and job expectations as they return to work environments is ignoring an opportunity to build a trust-based culture. 

COST: $12,500 (Cost includes: two facilitated sessions, utilization of The Center-West reflection playbook, up to 3 coaching sessions through the cascading process.)

DURATION: Ideally, this process will be completed within 30 days


Through this process, leaders can redefine and set the vision by understanding the needs of the team and aligning them with the company's chosen focus. These activities ensure that:

  • Individuals will be heard, recognized, and acknowledged, helping them deal with uncertainty and providing a sense of purpose. They will be better equipped to actively re-engage, develop themselves and contribute to productivity

  • Leaders will have an opportunity to hear and develop meaning from these conversations. This will help them rebuild and re-engage their teams quicker

  • Organizations will get an accelerated trajectory to recovery with improved problem solving, productivity and innovation, reduce turnover, and better retention so they can better meet shifting customer and stakeholder needs. 


  • A half-day coach-the-coach workshop to prepare leaders to conduct sessions

  • Leaders will conduct 90-minute discussion sessions throughout the organization supported by a companion guidebook

  • At the half-day debrief session, the leadership team will discuss what they, individually, and as the leadership team, learned and may do differently based on their insights 

  • Leaders will better understand how to engage employees differently and will improve team member engagement substantially throughout this process

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