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Supervisor Leader User Group (SLUG)

This program provides the participant with a practical understanding of how to be a more effective supervisor and lead people to improved organizational performance. Key methods and tools are put to immediate use to provide documented improvement in individual and team performance measures. Special consideration is given to performance metrics, goal setting and performance management, or “how to help others succeed”. Performance metrics are established to document improvements.  

COST: $1,500/person(company participation is limited to three people)

DURATION: 10 sessions, 3-hours each, held once a month


  • Develop key performance indicators to track and document improvement

  • Learn and share techniques from tours of “Best Practice” and member companies

  • Develop a peer network and sounding board to discuss new ideas, techniques and current improvement opportunities

  • Explore new technologies and approaches to current Supervisor issues

  • Receive training in Supervisor tools and techniques

  • Complete specific work projects that tie into group learning sessions


  • Each participant shall attend all meetings and interact during group discussions.  If Virtual we request that your camera be left on to enhance the training experience and for the facilitator to better engage with you.

  • The participant’s manager must be actively involved to hold the attendee accountable for the learnings, by doing so the participant’s manager will help the member fulfill the requirements of the group, and provide support for learning.  The participant’s manager must attend the first and last sessions and meet virtually with the facilitator midway through the sessions for a tollgate review

  • Each participant shall complete the work projects as assigned.

  • Participants shall be committed to sharing successes and areas of improvement that address Key User Group Metrics.

  • Each participant is requested to host at least one meeting and provide an overview of their company. This overview may include a plant tour, a presentation or video


Participants can be first time supervisors, experienced leaders, or managers that would benefit from additional formal training, practice and learning. Anyone involved in supervising or leading people, including potential future leaders and supervisors for your company, are appropriate members for this user group.

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