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Leadership Development for Coaching
Daily Continuous Improvement 

The curriculum for this user group will start with a focus on understanding the principles/concepts of Improvement & Coaching Kata and TWI Job Methods, to learning how to implement these methods. Members will apply the skills learned to a real time Kata project at their company.

COST: $2,050/person (It is expected that each company will send 2-3 people as a team) 

DURATION: 10 sessions, 4-hours each, held every week over a period of 3 months


  • Clarify the purpose behind the Improvement & Coaching Kata and TWI job methods

  • Using a simulation to build knowledge and awareness of Improvement Kata/Coaching Kata

  • Develop and impactful challenge for a Kata project

  • Understanding block diagrams, flow charts and effective graphing to expose variation

  • Constructing effective experiments and practice of scientific thinking

  • When and how to apply the TWI 4-steps of Job Method 

  • Rapid experimentation to quickly identify ideas that work

  • How to grow and spread a culture of daily continuous improvement 


  • Each session will be hosted by a member company rotated throughout the training sessions

  • Each company will identify a Kata project for their team to apply the skills learned 

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