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The Leadership and Lean Transformation program has four core areas of focus that can be delivered individually, but are recommended together to achieve the greatest positive impact. Each focus area may include on-going coaching and support. The ongoing consulting and coaching for each area provides support for an organization in effort to sustain and grow the gains achieved during their Lean transformation process.

Focus 1: Executive Leadership Team Alignment and Coaching

  • Strategic Leadership: vision, mission, values review, tactical plan and monitoring, and accountability methods will be documented and employed.

  • Organization / Lean Management System development.

  • Leading Lean Sigma: leadership team building, organizational strategy and systems development, and planning to support a Lean Sigma transformation.

Focus 2: First Level Leadership Alignment and Applications Training

  • Principled Leadership and Motivation

  • Team Building and Diversity

  • Communications and Delegation

  • Performance Management, Highlights Reporting, Meeting Rhythms, and Metrics

  • Decision Making, Rewards, and Discipline

  • Project and Time Management, and Meeting Leading

  • Interview Techniques and Hiring

  • Performance Reviews, Conflict Management, and Terminations

  • Continuous Improvement and Problem Solving

  • Anger and Stress Management

Focus 3: Grass Roots Level Lean Applications Training

​Focuses on the application of structured Lean methods on the shop floor and offices. 5S and Visual control tools and techniques are reviewed and applied to all areas of the organization. Existing systems are improved and enhanced to better the flow and speed of communication. 

Focus 4: Value Stream Mapping to High Impact Lean Sigma Improvement Projects

Provides the Lean practitioner with hands-on experience documenting and improving a variety of processes. The Value Stream Mapping process is universally used to document a process, establish and prioritize high-impact improvement projects, and communicate this information to all necessary parties. This is a critical component to a waste reduction or Lean initiative. 


  • Executive leadership team alignment and coaching

  • First level leadership alignment and applications training

  • Grass roots level Lean applications training

  • Value Stream Mapping to high impact Lean Sigma improvement projects

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