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Mid-Level Manager (App-Based User Group)

The Mid-Level Manager User Group is designed for managers and leaders working to improve their performance management systems. This user group will initially assist participants to get a quick start after the COVID-19 slow-down, but will provide an overview of continuous improvement-focused, simple and sustainable management systems. 

COST: $2,750/person (Maximum of 3 people per company; includes LeanFITT subcription fees for up to 3 people, Executive Results Driver behavioral mapping assessment report, a customized behavioral action plan, and multiple 1:1 virtual coaching sessions.)

DURATION: 10 sessions, 3-hours each, held every 4-6 weeks


  • Performance metrics identified at the beginning of the sessions and  used to document improvements through the duration of the User Group

  • Improved problem-solving skills

  • Exploring new technologies and approaches to current leadership issues

  • Key methods and tools are customized for each participating organization and put to immediate use to provide documented improvement in team and organization performance measures

  • Practical experience to sustain the improvements after successful completion of the User Group through applications and activities 


  • Host at least one meeting

  • Attend all meetings and interact during group discussions

  • Download the required app onto their device

  • Complete the work projects as assigned

  • Identify a C-Level Champion to ensure accountability

  • Attend and contribute to the participant's coaching sessions

  • Attend the final report out

Participants can be first time supervisors, experienced leaders, or managers that would benefit from additional formal application training, practice, and learning. Anyone interested in using app-based improvement tools to speed the effectiveness of their improvement efforts. Participants should be responsible for a team’s performance outcomes.

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