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Utility companies, Federal and State legislation, energy prices, new technology, and your facilities are all dynamic. Things change, opportunities arise, new programs get created, old programs get shuttered, your business and energy usage grow and/or shrinks. The fluid nature of these different entities demands a consistent process and deep expertise if you wish to optimize operating costs.

Having experts conduct a regular deep dive into your utility bills in search of ways to save money (and avoid spending future money) is an excellent energy management discipline that often pays for itself many times over. Typically, opportunities identified when assessing utility bills are no cost or low-cost capital investments. Making sure nothing is out of place or incorrect on your utility bills both maximizes profitability and delivers peace of mind.


  • Consistent “best practice” that can be implemented throughout a portfolio of facilities across many utilities, states, and countries

  • Identifies low and no cost savings opportunities

  • Identifies low and no cost mitigation opportunities

  • Delivers easy to understand report with business case (ROI) information to support recommendations

  • Independent, agnostic, and client-centric analysis

  • Leverage industry experts to deliver peace of mind

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