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PIVOT 2020

Manage the unknown by empowering your team to PIVOT to success.

Scenario planning is a powerful strategic tool for navigating marketing uncertainties. We can't say for certain what the future will hold, but with the PIVOT 2020 tool you can utilize scenario planning to map out different possible futures, and prepare to succeed in each. 


  • Current State Assessment: Develop a realistic view of your current situation based off of demand, supply, and your business as a whole

  • Scenario Development: Confront uncertainty and envision how different scenarios may affect possible futures, then develop strategies to stay viable in your best, likely, and worst case scenarios.

  • Scenario Financials: Identify, understand and compare financial implications, needs, and limitations of each scenario  

  • Monitor & Act: Use key leading indicator trends to refine 3-6-12 month outlooks and to make critical near term decisions by using leading indicators, scenario outlooks, near term decisions and questions, issues & uncertainties 

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