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Lean Manufacturing Bootcamp provides an overview of the basic principles and tools of lean manufacturing using a simulation to introduce the core principles related to Lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and support team problem solving.  The simulation alternates between Production Weeks, Lean training, and Improvement Planning Rounds.  Following each production week, an income statement (the “scoreboard”) is developed to see the impact of recommended changes made to the bottom line.

Through the simulation, participants learn what to look for when making improvements, identify the Lean tools that will help improve operations, how to view the system as a whole and not just their independent parts, the importance of documenting plans and predicting outcomes, and comparing actual results achieved with results predicted.


  • Why implement lean manufacturing?

  • Measures of lean

  • Key philosophies of lean manufacturing

  • Focus on flow and flow inhibitors

  • Eight categories of waste

  • Quick changeover

  • The visual factory (5S, visual controls, visual management)

  • Standardized work and its importance

  • Pull systems

  • Cellular manufacturing and when to use it

  • Production smoothing

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