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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is an international language used on business documents and drawings to accurately communicate what is going on in the picture without the use of words. The language is made up of well-defined symbols, rules, definitions, and conventions that can be used to describe an object’s geometric qualities.

This uniformity in specifications and regulations allows designers to “say what they mean” on their drawings in a manner that is consistent across the industry. GD&T training is a foundational technical skill for anyone working on a shop floor - with this knowledge employees create cost savings by reducing guesswork, controversy, and assumptions that may be made throughout the manufacturing and inspection process.


  • A Basic Course in GD&T: Builds competence to correctly apply and interpret the rules, definitions, principles and symbols per the American National Standard, ASME Y14.5-2009

  • Blueprint Reading: A course designed for those who need an introduction to technical drawing interpretation

  • Datum Schemes for GD&T: A mid-level course with a fast-paced review of the basics and a primary focus on datum strategies for assemblies and the detail components that comprise them. Spot datum problems and resolve these issues during product development.

  • Tolerancing Strategies with GD&T: An advanced course combining tolerancing concepts with statistical methods. Examine part, fixture, gage, and assembly tolerances and the interactions between them.


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