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In manufacturing facilities, compressed air is essential and can be the most energy-intense machinery in your facility. Often this equipment is running every shift with large electric motors and can account for 15-35% of an electric bill, therefore it’s essential to pay attention to how efficiently the compressed air is made and distributed. Gaskets, valves, and drills are all high points of use and are most prone to developing leaks, but the response is often reactive instead of proactive.

In our minds, it’s not a question of “if” there is a leak in your system, but rather “how much.” Even the tightest compressed air systems leak nearly 10% and some upwards of 50%. Regular studies of your compressed air systems will ensure maximum efficiency and real savings for your business. A proactive approach to addressing leaks not only reduces your energy bill month to month but prolongs the life of your existing equipment through regular maintenance.


  • More efficient compressed air systems

  • Lowered electric costs

  • Prolonged life of expensive machinery

  • Support for your maintenance team

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