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There is growing pressure from both shareholders and consumers for companies to provide more transparency around carbon emissions. Corporate Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission reports are frequently expensive and time-consuming to build, maintain, validate, and evaluate. Each level of the supply chain is expected to submit accurate, reliable data to be accounted for in a final report, which can be incredibly complex.


The absence of cost/benefit calculations for climate change-related projects and a general lack of understanding in the value chain can lead to misguided strategies and missed opportunities. Additionally, the lack of fine-grained data inhibits companies’ ability to tie specific climate actions to actual measurable reductions in GHG emissions. Accurately calculating and reporting carbon management is the only way to develop practical, achievable sustainability goals for your company.


  • Ability to create a custom sustainability report or complete a CDP

  • Transparency for shareholders and consumers

  • Measurable progress in sustainability

  • Improving brands’ visibility

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