IIoT Out of the Box 

Wondering what production machine data collection can do for you?  We understand that it can be overwhelming for a manufacturer to know where to begin. With IIoT Out of the Box, you gain visibility to plant floor data that will help answer your questions around machine efficiency, downtime, and productivity. Throughout the process, you learn best practices that can be applied to improve your overall plant floor operations.

Using your machine’s current outputs or by adding sensors, we will collect your chosen data and provide you with an online, current view of what is happening with your machine. This data can then be used to look for trends, problem spots, and potential maintenance issues that you can plan to correct and improve the machines throughput. IIOT Out of the Box will send you alerts and notifications allow you to respond immediately to issues and limit downtime.

COST: $3,900 includes equipment, installation, data analysis, software subscription and 4G LTE phone connection


  • Contact us to set up an appointment to determine how to begin your Industry 4.0 transformation

  • Schedule: an appointment 15 days after installation and we'll discuss your experience, explore the data gathered, and review next steps for you to make additional improvements an further integrate Industry 4.0 with your current operations.


  • IG41 with WiFi and 4G LTE Connectivity

  • Cloud-based dashboards, alerts, and report visible from web/mobile

  • (4) Hours of controls expertise to install by a Feyen Zylstra solutions engineer

  • Meeting to review the collected data

  • 5 years of data collection and reporting

*This trial does not include a display, sensors, or additional hardware. All can be provided for an additional cost


  • Target device: I/O or PLC 

  • Safe Plant Floor environment


  • PLCs

  • Flow computers

  • IO expansion cards

  • Most Rockwell PLCs

  • OPC-UA Servers


  • Modbus TCP

  • Modbus ASCII

  • Modbus RTU over TCP

  • Ethernet IP

  • OPC-UA

  • ROC

  • Serial